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What Types of Swimming Pool Demolition Are There?

March 30th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Demolition-Junk-Removal-Services

There are two types of swimming pool demolition. Partial swimming pool demolition and complete swimming pool demolition. 

Partial swimming pool demolition is often called a swimming pool fill in. A partial swimming pool demolition typically involves cutting away the first two feet of concrete surrounding the pool and lowering the pool to ground level. Then the demolished concrete is dumped into the bottom of the pool and used as fill. That fill is compacted, and then a layer of fill sand is added. The concrete and fill sand is compacted again, then dirt and top soil is added.

Complete swimming pool demolition is basically the same process but the entire swimming pool is demolished. All the concrete and construction material (like fiberglass) is removed and hauled away. Fresh fill sand and fill dirt is used to fill in the hole. Complete swimming pool demolition is often more expensive than partial swimming pool demolition and less popular than partial swimming pool demolition. The advantage to complete swimming pool demolition is that a homeowner will not have to disclose the old pool when he or she sells the home. Also, in certain parts of the country, some cities only permit for complete swimming pool demolition.

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