Stories of Demolition Companies in Los Angeles

We here at Deconstruction Pro care about our customers and associates which is why we are very rigid on one thing and one thing only. Safety! When it comes to keeping every inch of your body intact and that heart pumping we want you to know that we are on your side. Taking out that shovel and pick axe and starting to dig to start your next project is not the smartest thing to do until you know exactly where you can and can’t dig. This might sound like a minor problem but there are many hazards to digging without knowing what is underground.

You might accidentally hit a gas mainline that can cause serious harm up to and including an explosion. The main issues when digging are the fact that there can be many surprises underneath that you might not be aware of. As a homeowner, it would be a great idea to go to your local city number to find out where you can dig. Something as simple as digging and planting a tree or shrub must also be handled by calling your local number, it is always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to this type of situation.

Deconstruction Pro always makes sure that we are aware of what lies below the earth. We want to save you money and costly repairs that could have been avoided beforehand. You can be at ease when you hire Deconstruction Pro to take care of your demolition job!

Disaster Clean Up

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Natural disasters can strike at any time, during any part of the year. In some cases you may have some warning, in other cases you may have no warning and no time to prepare. Once the immediate danger has passed you are often faced with a daunting task: disaster clean up

The most important thing to remember when you are faced with a disaster clean up — whether flood, fire or tornados — is that you are not along. The American Red Cross can provide you help and support during a natural disaster. During major natural disaster you can find aid from FEMA and state governments. 

Your insurance company should be able to refer to a disaster clean up service that can help you clean up and rebuild. Depending on your insurance your insurance company should pay for most of the cost of a disaster clean up.

Swimming Pool Cleanup

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Most demolition (outside explosive implosion) isn’t hard. After all, it is always easier to destroy something rather than building something. The main challenge of any demolition project is keeping a demolition worksite clean. This is true of swimming pool demolition too. 

So, whether you are doing your own swimming pool removal or hiring a demolition contractor do it, you will be faced with keeping your work area clean and debris free. For this task you have two options: rent a dumpster or hire a hauling service.

The advantages of dumpster rental is that dumpsters rental is usually cheaper than hiring a hauling service (because you’re not paying for the extra labor). But dumpster rental is often riddled with red tape. For instance, in cities like Los Angeles, dumpster rental is controlled by a few companies. If you rent a dumpster for another company you may face fines or the confiscation of your bin.

Hauling services provide the labor and the truck to haul your construction debris away with. Hauling services do their jobs fairly quickly. Most can clean up a demolition worksite in a couple hours. Hauling services also speed up the pace of your demolition. The only real downside to using a hauling service is cost. Hauling services cost more than dumpster rental, but provide more upsides than dumpster rental when you take into account labor and time expanded.

Let us continue with part two of our Circuit City Demolition blog.

Once we had our sledgehammers and tools in hands this puny building did not stand a chance. Built with mostly drywall and stucco, it was no match for our sheer force and dedication to demolish it. The guys really worked in tandem and took out these walls at a nice and easy pace before moving on to the structure. There we several beams that were sticking which were used for wiring inside of the walls and we also had to take those down. Whenever you are demolishing beams you must always check to make sure they are not a load bearing beam. These beams generally hold up the roof and make sure the roof do not fall on your head! Safety was our number one concern and once we checked with the building manager he gave us the OK to go ahead and swing our hammers to take them down. Once again they were easy to destroy and the guys did a great job altogether.

We were kind of sad once the building was completely stripped down as some of our guys used to shop there on a regular basis. We bid our farewell to the large building and picked up our tools for the next demolition Los Angeles that awaited us.

Demolish that Bathroom!

We’re pretty sure if you have pink tiles lined up all over your bathroom you would want get tag bathroom demolished as well! Who wouldn’t? Ugly pink tile in your bathroom would drive you crazy and make you want to re-do it the correct way and with matching colors to boot. When you start to demolish your current bathroom you’ll be able to start picking new colors and styles to install into your newly remodeled bathroom. After getting it all demolished and destroyed what do you do with all the junk debris?

Well there is a lot you can do but we probably won’t recommend you to take care of that junk yourself. You will have a hard time trying to get it all out of your way and into a dumpster for removal so you can do the next best thing and call a junk removal demolition company to come over and take it away! You will not regret it when you contact a local Los Angeles demolition services company to take care of that junk and get it all removed for you. Once you get the demolition services junk removal company to come over and remove all of your junk, you won’t have to worry about a single thing. Watch them take it all and leave you free to do your business.

Destroying a Garage

I had a huge problem with the city and i needed it to be corrected fast before they shut down my construction plans. I was planning on adding a second floor to my garage and had taken out the correct permits. The problem was that i hired an incompetent contractor that was too busy taking multiple job offers and he never paid attention to my construction. He left his guys to take care of everything and they pretty much bungled it up and made my life more difficult than it should have been.

When the city found out about the bad construction i was ordered to tear it down in 24 hours otherwise i would be fined $1000!! I had to quickly call up a demolition services company located in Los Angeles and hope for the best. Well i called this great Demolition crew and i was able to get them to demolish my Garage!

Removing Floor

Removing an old floor can be a challenging thing to do especially if it’s old Linoleum with years of paste underneath it. The longer an linoleum tile stays stuck to the floor the harder it is to remove it. Sometimes the only option to remove old tiles like those are sheer brute force by destroying the tile completely. If your lucky, you can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to get the tile warmed up and loosen the glue. By heating up the tile you can get the tacky glue to start to loosen and let go of the old tile. the most annoying part though is that glue might stay stuck on the concrete in which case you might have to adhere to other methods like a scrapper which can be time consuming.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with ceramic tile or wood then you can easily break those old pieces off and start the demolition process that way. Removing these old pieces of wood and ceramic tile can be very easy with the correct tools in hand. Using a sledgehammer which can demolish almost anything in sight is your best bet.

After you have your pieces and junk on the floor it’s quite easy to scoop it all up and dump it out. If you need to get a dumpster you should go ahead and schedule one or a junk removal services.

I manage several apartments in the Northridge area. Northridge is a great section of the San Fernando Valley. It has a nice mix of families, middle class professionals and students. I rent mostly to students who go to Cal State Northridge. So I end up turning over units pretty frequently. About half my apartment units are vacant at some point during the year. So I spend a lot of time cleaning out apartments and getting them to rent again. 

If you manage or rent apartment units I’d highly recommend using a junk removal company to reduce time spent turning over units.

I am pretty careful about who I rent to and most of my tenants are good, hardworking kids, but when they move out they always leave something behind. Without fail. And typically its big and heavy and impossible to put into my normal dumpster. This is the right moment to call a junk removal company. They’ll come in, remove all the junk and any trash from the unit, and after that its just a matter of sending in my super to clean and make any small repairs that need to be made.

I would estimate that junk removal companies in Northridge have saved me hours and hours of labor. And cut down my turn around time by days.

Yes, we can also do dirt hauling services and we are at your disposal too! Do not hesitate, not only are we the best Demolition company in the area with many years of service but we also handle large and small scale dirt hauling. With our trusty heavy duty machinery and bobcats, we can carry any load and haul it away! Be it large chunks of concrete or asphalt, mounds of dirt and soil or any other object you can count on Deconstruction Pro to get the job done.

Hauling dirt can be a very fast and time saving task that can be accomplished with the help of our heavy duty machinery. We have all the necessary tools to help you get that dirt removed and out of your property. When you need a special and fast service do not hesitate to give us a ring or contact us directly with our online contact forms. We will be professional and ready to get your Dirt Hauling services accomplished.

A strip out demolition is when a demolition contractor strips a structure, house, or space within a house or structure bare of any recyclable materials before the structure or house is demolished. Strip out demolitions have become popular as a way to reduce the cost of construction by preserving reusable construction materials and preserve the environment.

What can be preserved during a strip out demolition? Just about anything that is in good condition: flooring, wall linings, internal walls, built in shelves, lighting, cabling, and plumbing. Anything that is in good condition and that can be reused.

Most demolition contractors have some form of demolition strip out service. Make sure you ask your demolition contractor today about their demolition strip out service.  Demolition strip outs can help save money, time, and the environment.