Stories of Demolition Companies in Los Angeles

Let us continue with part two of our Circuit City Demolition blog.

Once we had our sledgehammers and tools in hands this puny building did not stand a chance. Built with mostly drywall and stucco, it was no match for our sheer force and dedication to demolish it. The guys really worked in tandem and took out these walls at a nice and easy pace before moving on to the structure. There we several beams that were sticking which were used for wiring inside of the walls and we also had to take those down. Whenever you are demolishing beams you must always check to make sure they are not a load bearing beam. These beams generally hold up the roof and make sure the roof do not fall on your head! Safety was our number one concern and once we checked with the building manager he gave us the OK to go ahead and swing our hammers to take them down. Once again they were easy to destroy and the guys did a great job altogether.

We were kind of sad once the building was completely stripped down as some of our guys used to shop there on a regular basis. We bid our farewell to the large building and picked up our tools for the next demolition Los Angeles that awaited us.

Choosing and shopping for a demolition contractor can be hard. Finding the right demolition contractor takes time and some thought. Here are the top five warning signs of a bad demolition contractor.

5. A demolition contractor refuses to give an estimate or charges for an estimate. A reputable demolition contract will always be willing to give you an estimate and most demolition contractors will not charge for estimates.

4. Demolition contractor that won’t give you his license number or doesn’t have a demolition license. There are lot of unlicensed demolition contractors out there doing shoddy work. Avoid them at all cost.

3. A demolition contractor that doesn’t have insurance or refuses to provide proof of insurance through a reputable insurance agent or agency.

2. A demolition contractor that has poor credit or judgements for non-payment. A demolition contractor that doesn’t pay his workers or subcontractors could leave you holding the bill, and you may have to pay up.

1. A demolition contractor that refuses to put specifics in a contract or won’t sign a contract for a demolition project.

What is it that a demolition company in Los Angeles does? What kind of demolition services are offered to their customers? What kind of projects can an LA demolition company work on?

These are all questions you should ask yourself when looking to hire a demolition company for your Los Angeles projects. Of course, every demolition company will operate differently, so it’s important to consider them carefully. Many companies will offer to work on both large and small demolition jobs, while some exhibit specialties in one form or another. Some demolition companies will only work on residential properties, while others prefer commercial, but there are also those who specialize in both.

  • What Are Residential Demolition Services?

    Los Angeles residential demolition encompasses any kind of demolition service in or around a home. This could include kitchen demolition, bathroom demolition, a swimming pool removal, or selective interior demolition. Additionally this could also include demolition of a complete house.

  • What Are Commercial Demolition Services?

    Commercial demolition services are often used to renovate a business space. This could be a storefront, like a bank location that is being converted to a retail store. Or maybe a new restaurant that is being built in the space of a previous restaurant. It could also include industrial buildings like factories, demolishing the interior or tearing down the whole thing.