Stories of Demolition Companies in Los Angeles

An Honest Demolition Company

Verifying a demolition contractor’s insurance is a critical part of pre-screening your demolition contractor. Luckily, making sure your demolition contractor has the correct insurance is simple and easy. 

Ask your demolition contractor for the name of his insurance company. Also ask for the name of your demolition contractor’s insurance agent and that insurance agent’s contact information. Call your demolition contractor’s insurance agent and ask for proof of insurance. This certificate should only be obtained from an insurance agent, not from the demolition contractor. Unscrupulous demolition contractors often fake insurance certificates.

When you call your demolition contractor’s insurance agent also be sure to ask if certain types of demolition work is forbidden by the demolition contractor’s insurance policy. 

When it comes to demolition there are a lot of demolition services you can’t or shouldn’t do yourself. For instance you probably won’t want to do your own house demolitions. But there are plenty of demolition services you can do yourself. These are the top 5 demolition services you can do yourself.

5. Small structure demolition — Often times small structures like sheds and free standing garages outlive their usefulness and become broken down beyond repair. Luckily these structures are often fairly easy and straight forward to teardown. Save yourself money and tear down a shed yourself.

4. Kitchen demolition — Kitchen remodeling is actually fairly straightforward do-it-yourself project. The key to kitchen demolition is a Go slow approach and a patient hand when removing cabinets, counters, and fixtures.

3. Bathroom demolition — bathroom demolition is much the same as kitchen demolition. Bathroom demolition requires a bit more knowledge of plumbing but can be easily accomplished by a do it yourselfer 

2. Concrete demolition — concrete removal is easy and hard work. 

1. Swimming pool demolition — At first glance you wouldn’t think you’d be able to do your own swimming pool removal but with the right equipment swimming pool demolition becomes an elaborate concrete removal job.


When you are hiring a demolition contractor in Los Angeles you need to be thorough and detail. There are a lot of questions you should ask your demolition contractor, both to assess his competency and to find the best fit for your demolition project. Here are some questions to ask your demolition contractor in Los Angeles.

– Have You Done This Type of Demolition Work before? Not every demolition contractor does every type of demolition. Some demolition contractors in Los Angeles specialize in commercial demolition (office buildings etc), other demolition contractors specialize in residential demolition (houses and condos). Some demolition contractors have a subspecialty like swimming pool removal.

– Can You Provide Examples of Previous Work and References? A good demolition contractor in Los Angeles should be able to provide at least two current references for previous demolition projects. Many demolition contractors can also provide you with a portfolio of previous work done.

– Can I Verify your License and Insurance? A good demolition contractor should be able to provide his license number immediately. The same for his insurance agent and insurance provider.

– Do You Charge for Estimates? Most demolition contractors in Los Angeles provide estimates for free, some may charge a small fee for an estimation.

– How do You Handle Construction Debris? Some demolition contractors in Los Angeles will subcontract out to a hauling service. Some demolition contractors provide their own hauling services. Be sure you know how your demolition contractor disposes of construction debris. Otherwise you maybe faced with a lot of construction debris to clean up by yourself after the project is done.

When asking questions but thorough and direct. Any good demolition contractor should be prepared to answer a lot of questions. A demolition contractor that evades or avoids hard questions is a sign to stay away from that demolition contractor and keep looking.

Finding demolition services in Los Angeles is easy! You can find many demolition companies to choose from on the internet. Most companies will have websites that list the services that they offer. You can also search for demolition companies via review websites like Yelp and Angie’s List, as well as looking up a listing in the phone book.

There are many ways to find demolition services in Los Angeles. Just start looking!

What is it that a demolition company in Los Angeles does? What kind of demolition services are offered to their customers? What kind of projects can an LA demolition company work on?

These are all questions you should ask yourself when looking to hire a demolition company for your Los Angeles projects. Of course, every demolition company will operate differently, so it’s important to consider them carefully. Many companies will offer to work on both large and small demolition jobs, while some exhibit specialties in one form or another. Some demolition companies will only work on residential properties, while others prefer commercial, but there are also those who specialize in both.

  • What Are Residential Demolition Services?

    Los Angeles residential demolition encompasses any kind of demolition service in or around a home. This could include kitchen demolition, bathroom demolition, a swimming pool removal, or selective interior demolition. Additionally this could also include demolition of a complete house.

  • What Are Commercial Demolition Services?

    Commercial demolition services are often used to renovate a business space. This could be a storefront, like a bank location that is being converted to a retail store. Or maybe a new restaurant that is being built in the space of a previous restaurant. It could also include industrial buildings like factories, demolishing the interior or tearing down the whole thing.