Stories of Demolition Companies in Los Angeles

Whether you are doing a complete swimming pool demolition or a partial swimming pool removal, swimming pool demolition is one of the simpler demolition jobs you can do. Here are 10 Tips to help you in your swimming pool demolition.

10. Use heavy machinery … While you can do a swimming pool demolition with a jackhammer I would highly recommend using heavy equipment to demo a pool. Either a bobcat with a hydraulic drill attachment, or a backhoe. Either one can quickly break up and bust up concrete. 

9. Obtain a permit … Typically you would need some type of permit for a swimming pool demolition. For instance, in Los Angeles, you only need a grading permit. Other municipalities may require a demolition permit or a series of permits. Obtaining a permit now ensures that your swimming pool removal is legal from the start.

8. Make a plan for construction debris disposal … Even if you are filling in your pool you can expect a certain amount of construction debris. Develop a plan beforehand on how you are going to dispose of that construction debris. Whether you are renting a dumpster or calling a hauling service, when, etc.

7. Get rid of pool accessories in advance … Pool toys, pool furniture, and portable pool filters can all become flying projectiles during a swimming pool demolition. 

6. Cover your windows … If you have glass doors and windows overlooking the pool, you may want to cover those doors and windows with heavy duty plastic or plywood boarding to prevent them from damage.

5. Lock up the cat, board the dog … It should go without saying that you need to isolate and lock up your pets during any kind of demolition work. 

4. Drain your pool… Before you begin your pool demolition be sure to remove the drain plugs and completely drain your pool. You may want to use a compressor and hose to drain the pool completely.

3. Drill drainage holes … Drill an array of drainage holes in the bottom of the pool so that once the pool has been filled in ground water will drain normally.

2. Buy extra fill … You will need fill dirt to layer on top of the demolished pool once the top layer of concrete so make sure you have some dirt on hand to complete the fill in. 

1. Recruit friends … doing your on swimming pool demolition can be a herculean effort so get some friends to help you. 

If you use these tips your swimming pool demolition will go smoothly.

Most demolition (outside explosive implosion) isn’t hard. After all, it is always easier to destroy something rather than building something. The main challenge of any demolition project is keeping a demolition worksite clean. This is true of swimming pool demolition too. 

So, whether you are doing your own swimming pool removal or hiring a demolition contractor do it, you will be faced with keeping your work area clean and debris free. For this task you have two options: rent a dumpster or hire a hauling service.

The advantages of dumpster rental is that dumpsters rental is usually cheaper than hiring a hauling service (because you’re not paying for the extra labor). But dumpster rental is often riddled with red tape. For instance, in cities like Los Angeles, dumpster rental is controlled by a few companies. If you rent a dumpster for another company you may face fines or the confiscation of your bin.

Hauling services provide the labor and the truck to haul your construction debris away with. Hauling services do their jobs fairly quickly. Most can clean up a demolition worksite in a couple hours. Hauling services also speed up the pace of your demolition. The only real downside to using a hauling service is cost. Hauling services cost more than dumpster rental, but provide more upsides than dumpster rental when you take into account labor and time expanded.

When it comes to demolition work, whether you are hiring a demolition contractor or doing it yourself, you have to think about and plan for clean up. Keeping your worksite clean and free of construction debris is essential for your safety and the safety of your works. When it comes to cleaning up a worksite you have one of two options: hire a hauling service or rent a dumpster.

Renting a dumpster in communities like Thousand Oaks can be quite the chore. Dumpster rental is heavily regulated in Thousand Oaks. Because Thousand Oaks is a “franchised community” only a single company is allowed to rent dumpsters. If you get a dumpster from another, “un-franchised” company you run the risk of having your dumpster impounded by the city. Also you cannot place a dumpster on the street in Thousand Oaks without a permit.

Hiring a hauling service that serves the Thousand Oaks area avoids a lot of red tape that accompanies dumpster rental. Also hiring a hauling service to clean as you demo saves you time. Your workers can focus on demolition and won’t have to stop to clean up. This can result in money saved as well since your paying your labor for less time over all.

Except for some very specific uses we always recommend hiring a hauling service in the Thousand Oaks area over renting a dumpster.

Hauling services in Los Angeles vary in cost, depending upon the individual company, their own pricing structure, and what exactly you need hauled away. Most hauling services in Los Angeles offer free estimates over the phone or via email. Some hauling services in Los Angeles will also do in person estimates.

How a hauling service in Los Angeles charges…. Most hauling services in Los Angeles charge either a flat rate per load, or by how full you fill a truck. In other words, you may charge a certain amount for filing a quarter of a truck, another amount for filling half a truck, and yet another amount for a full truck load. What pricing structure is right for you? It all depends on the size of your job.

If you only need a single item hauled away, like a refrigerator, ask your hauling service if they have a rate for hauling away single items or bulky items.

A lot of household junk is actually considered hazardous by landfills. Paints, household cleaners, automative fluids, even computers and televisions are considered hazardous. Most hauling services in Los Angeles can dispose of hazardous materials but will charge extra for the service.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are pricing hauling services in Los Angeles is that, in general, national chain hauling services are going to cost more than local junk hauling services. So when you are shopping for hauling services in Los Angeles you may want to shop local first. 

If you recently finished a remodel or a major renovation on your home you probably have a lot of construction debris laying around. But construction debris is difficult to get rid of in Sherman Oaks. Dumping construction debris involves multiple trips to the landfill and wading through lots of environmental regulations. The easiest solution to disposing of construction debris is to hire a hauling service in Sherman Oaks.

But what should you ask a hauling service before you hire one?

How Much Do You Charge? Hauling Services in the Sherman Oaks have various price structures. So make sure you get the right hauling service for your budget.

Do You Remove Construction Debris? Most hauling services in Sherman Oaks remove construction materials, debris, and dirt but double check. A few hauling services just specialize in removing household junk.

You also want to ask if your hauling service in Sherman Oaks is licensed, bonded, and insured. Double check with the Better Business Bureau and with internet review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List.

Whether you have recently completed a bathroom demolition, a kitchen remodel, or a complete demolition of a garage or other structure you probably have a lot of construction debris laying around that you need to get rid of. The easiest way to get rid of leftover construction debris and dirt from a demolition job is to do what the demolition pros do: Call a Hauling Service.

A hauling service is specialized at hauling away large amounts of construction debris. Demolition contractors use hauling services all the time to keep their demolition projects clean and free of debris. A hauling service handles all the disposal of construction materials so you don’t have to worry about it. A hauling service often brings heavy machinery, like bobcats and Super Ten Trucks, to haul away construction debris.

So how do you remove construction debris from a demolition site? Call a hauling service.

When you are hiring a demolition contractor in Los Angeles you need to be thorough and detail. There are a lot of questions you should ask your demolition contractor, both to assess his competency and to find the best fit for your demolition project. Here are some questions to ask your demolition contractor in Los Angeles.

– Have You Done This Type of Demolition Work before? Not every demolition contractor does every type of demolition. Some demolition contractors in Los Angeles specialize in commercial demolition (office buildings etc), other demolition contractors specialize in residential demolition (houses and condos). Some demolition contractors have a subspecialty like swimming pool removal.

– Can You Provide Examples of Previous Work and References? A good demolition contractor in Los Angeles should be able to provide at least two current references for previous demolition projects. Many demolition contractors can also provide you with a portfolio of previous work done.

– Can I Verify your License and Insurance? A good demolition contractor should be able to provide his license number immediately. The same for his insurance agent and insurance provider.

– Do You Charge for Estimates? Most demolition contractors in Los Angeles provide estimates for free, some may charge a small fee for an estimation.

– How do You Handle Construction Debris? Some demolition contractors in Los Angeles will subcontract out to a hauling service. Some demolition contractors provide their own hauling services. Be sure you know how your demolition contractor disposes of construction debris. Otherwise you maybe faced with a lot of construction debris to clean up by yourself after the project is done.

When asking questions but thorough and direct. Any good demolition contractor should be prepared to answer a lot of questions. A demolition contractor that evades or avoids hard questions is a sign to stay away from that demolition contractor and keep looking.