Stories of Demolition Companies in Los Angeles

Kitchen Demolition Remodel

I had just had enough and decided i wanted to screw it and just stop doing all of the hard labor work myself. What did i do instead of breaking my own back and trying to the work done? Well i hired one of the greatest Kitchen Demolition Companies in the Los Angeles area to take care of the work and leave me free to concentrate on other issues. That’s right, I wasn’t going to stress myself out and get things done the wrong way and possibly hurt myself by trying to be a strong man. This Los Angeles Demolition Company grabbed a sledgehammer and got to work when it came to Kitchen Demolition services. Not only that but the strong crew of guys had all the heavy machinery in order to get the Demolition job done and remove many items like drywall, kitchen cabinets, concrete, stone and slab. They did a great demolition and had my Kitchen ready for a remodeling job and on time but most importantly under budget too! They gave me a satisfaction guaranteed and they actually delivered as promised! Great job Demolition Company in Los Angeles! They did a super demolition job for me!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you just bought your first home in Los Angeles. You want to make it into a personal statement about your tastes and style. You’ve decided you need to remodel the kitchen, or maybe remove the swimming pool in favor of a verdant garden. To begin your home makeover project you need the services of a demolition contractor. But how do you find the right demolition company in Los Angeles?

  • Start Your Search Online

    The internet can be a great way to find demolition companies in Los Angeles. What used to be a two day slog of thumbing through Yellow Pages can now be accomplished in a single day or less by using Google to find demolition services in Los Angeles. But what you might not expect, is that you can also find good demolition experts through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ask Your Fellow Homeowner Friends

    If you are a first time homeowner you often feel like you are in it by yourself. Chances are your friends who already own homes have been exactly where you are at one point or another. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family members about who they chose for their demolition services. If they’ve had a kitchen remodeled or a swimming pool removed they’ve most certainly hired a demolition company before. Your friends can help point you in the right direction with advice on which companies you can trust, and which ones you can’t.
  • Call Your Homeowners Association

    Many neighborhoods and developments have homeowners associations. Chances are those homeowners associations can provide you with guidance on where to find demolition services in Los Angeles. They may have a couple of names of frequently used or trusted demolition companies and can probably refer you to one perfect for your project.
  • A Few Tips to Remember

    When hiring demolition contractors get a couple of estimates. These demolition companies should be able to give you a written estimate that outlines all of the costs of your job. Having a few different ones allows you to review them all and ensure you’re making the right choice. Additionally make sure the demolition company you decide use is licensed, bonded, and insured by the State of California.
    • Luckily finding demolition services in Los Angeles is pretty easy. There are plenty of companies, and just as many resources to get in touch with them. Without a doubt there is one out there that’s  just perfect for you and your demolition project.

Guest post, written by: Danny L.

So I live in Los Angeles. I graduated film school and considered by most of my friends to be quite the geek. I also just bought my first home and wanted to feel like less of geek, so I decided to try and remodel my kitchen myself. That was a mistake. I should have hired an LA kitchen demolition company because what did I end up with? I ended up with a giant mess.

Instead of calling a demolition company I said to heck with it! And bought my own sledgehammer. That kitchen was all mine baby. Within the hour I had hacked into a load bearing with that sledgehammer and might have along the way caused some minor structural damage to my house. By this point any sane person would call a demolition company, but me? No, I kept right on going.

I tore down my kitchen cabinets with that sledgehammer and mangled the kitchen island. I really didn’t know what I was doing. Perhaps it had gone past demolition into a form of high performance art. Looking back on it now, after my fiancé took away my sledgehammer and nearly broke up with me, I say to myself, what was I thinking? I should have called a demolition company. I am a screenwriter in Los Angeles for pete’s sake, not a demolition man.

The contractor I eventually hired to remodel the kitchen was able to fix or patch most of my haphazard demolition work. It wound up costing me way more in the long run of course. I stress, hiring a demolition company from the start would have been cheaper, although maybe not as much fun!

This year we are remodeling our garage into an office. I tried to convinced my now wife to let me try again to handle the demolition. She said no. So we are calling a professional demolition company this time. Aw shucks.